Garage Loops is a project where I make an attempt to learn how to use Garage Band for iPadOS in the most public way possible. I’m kicking the tires on Podcasting on and just published my first episode:

So, I’m going to have to apologize for tapping the mic a lot. I promise I’ll get better at it – I’m learning, remember!

Garage Loops

You can find the Garage Loops page on at It’s currently pretty lean, but I hope to have many more episodes by the end of next year!

Show Notes

Welcome to the first episode of Garage Loops, a podcast where I get to bring you on a loop creation journey in Apple’s Garage Band for iPadOS/macOS. This, coincidentally, is also the first time I’ve ever created a podcast, so I’m hoping you’ll bear with me as I try to improve both my abilities in Garage Band and podcasting.

In this introduction episode, I mention my father, Jerry Bolen. Here’s a video of him in the Orchestra Pit at The Muny Opera in St. Louis.

The samples used in this track:

  • Leah (Leah)
  • Agile Funk Synth Bass 02
  • Agile Funk Synth Lead 03

General track information:

  • 125BPM
  • 4/4 Time
  • F Major

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