Stephen Colbert joins The Mountain Goats

By July 17, 2019Music

It’s no secret that I love the comedy of Stephen Colbert. I also really love music. And I’ve loved The Mountain Goats since the first time I listened to Bitter Melon Farm. So imagine my surprise when I saw Merge Records tweet about a web-only video of Stephen Colbert on stage joining John Darnielle and The Mountain Goats in a performance of This Year.

The Venn Diagram of Stephens Colbert and Bolen is one degree closer:

We both love Tolkien (except, he knows way more about it than I ever will). Check.

We both love The Mountain Goats (except, I’ve never been on the same stage as John Darnielle to sing This Year, damnit). Check.

We both love Strangers With Candy (except, he was, you know, in it). Check.

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