So, a funny thing happened in the middle of a server migration — I lost my portfolio. I thought I could seamlessly move between Digital Ocean and AWS Lightsail, but clearly, I as wrong.

As such, I’ll be spending the next couple of months re-building it from the ground up, digging through 15+ years of user experience projects, ranging from research to design, front-end development to usability evaluations.

In the interim, the portfolio section of my website will be down for maintenance.

New Portfolio: A clean slate

In a sense, losing the portfolio during the server migration was a good thing. I had thrown up ‘end-state’ pieces and barely wrote about the process I undertook to deliver.

No more.

With my  rich history of work for Fortune 100 clients, it doesn’t do me – or visitors to my website – any favors to hand wave the process by which the work was manifested. I need to pull back the curtain and show not only the finished product, but the failures along the way.

I’m committed to getting my house in order and rebuilding this the right way.

Key components

I promise to include the following on each portfolio piece:

  1. A project brief that outlines the goal, problem, or desired outcome.
  2. My role on the project team.
  3. Supporting artifacts, such as research conducted, sketches/concepts, or images (as allowed).
  4. Measured outcomes from the change.

As a result, I will be heavily focused on process over results, and will be heavily pruning the catalog of work completed.

Quality over quantity. It’s a clean slate.

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