City Hall and Liquor in St. Louis

By April 18, 2016St. Louis

I knew that City Hall was fairly corrupt, but man. This is wild:

When officers arrived at Busalacchi’s liquor store, the Hampton House of Liquors, they found a building stacked with stolen goods: power washers, air compressors, drills, angle grinders, miter saws, circular saws, paint sprayers, a floor sander, hand cart and two water heaters.

Normally, that might have been enough to put the corner store out of business.

But it wasn’t. Over 30 years in business, the Busalacchis swapped labels on kegs, ran afoul of the city fire marshal, drew the ire of aldermen, outlasted neighborhood complaints and sold minors beer after beer after beer.

It took the death of Busalacchi’s brother and suspicions of forgery to finally, just this summer, close the shop.

City officials now quietly point to Hampton House as a telling example of the tenure of former liquor commissioner Robert W. Kraiberg.


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